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@Ingeniuslean are experts in developing a clear, precise approach to help in achieving a Lean Business Transformation.

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@Ingeniuslean have developed and implemented world class training solutions for many companies embarking on their Lean journey.

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@Ingeniuslean have established a joint venture with two major organisations to support and provide solutions to all types of industry worldwide.

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Welcome To @Ingeniuslean

@Ingeniuslean is a global consulting organisation specialising in operational performance improvements and transformations into a lean business. 

Our organisation boasts unrivalled operational experts who previously have had roles such as General Manufacturing Manager at Toyota, Director of Production Volkswagen, Head of Volkswagen Lean Academy and TPS Manager at Toyota. 

With this operational experience, we understand how difficult today's challenges are within the different management arena's across all types of industry. We have been in your shoes and understand the accountability pressures to achieve the right Quality, Delivery Times, Cost and Profit levels.

So, lets be honest, there are many Lean Consultants worldwide trading off their backgrounds whilst working for Toyota or similar companies at some sort of level. Added to that, they feed you all of the colourful words, acronyms and phrases that are commonly found in the thousands of Lean books available...like right now, flavour of the day ..Toyota KATA, great!

Typically, they start by initiating a Value Stream Map and telling you where all the improvement opportunities are...amazing!  We dont do that. We can if you want, but we improve in the areas that support the overall business goals and objectives. We analsye how your really performing and then lead you and your people through a real, hands on transformation for the business thats measureable immediately and sustainable.

As we have said, We have been in your shoes, responsible for the Quality, the Cost, the Delivery and so on. We know how to improve organisations, as we've done it for a living. Not as team or group leaders working for Toyota. But as Plant Directors or General Managers. Quite honestly, many of the ex Toyota Consultants out there have worked for our team whilst at Toyota.

So, if you want a quick 5S, Team Board or VSM activity, get the others. But if you want the Leaders, Strategy makers and Practitioners. Take a look at what we do and contact us.

Welcome to @Ingeniuslean.


Case Studies

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  • Case Study: Long Cycle, Heavy Maintenance Optimised 15-February-2013

    Our Client is a Globally recognised first tier organisation, supplying Cast Engine parts to many Vehicle manufacturers. Their problem to tackle was to reduce the amount of internal and external defects. This problem, was constraining the company and causing high overtime and excessive costs to maintain supply to their customers. The main cause of the defects was already identified to be the condition and performance of their Dies and Moulds. The availability of the Dies was a major issue and...

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